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Education Technology Classes Sponsor Exhibit of Teaching Aids

Students enrolled in the Education Technology classes drew inspiration from Pope Francis to set a benchmark for the teacher education program through the production and bulletin board display of traditional and new technology instructional materials. The activity with the theme – “Love through Mercy and Compassion” which coincided with the celebration of St. Valentines Day, was highlighted by an exhibit held February 10-12, 2015.

Instructional materials or teaching aids, whether traditional or technology enhanced, bring many benefits to both the teacher and the learners. With the use of appropriate teaching aids, classrooms become alive and transformed into highly stimulating, interactive venues for learning by teachers who are the foremost audio-visual aids themselves.

As expressed by Dr. Glorietta Sabas, Dean of the School of Education, “Teaching should never be done through mere words, but rather through the use of audio-visual aids or better still, through multisensory aids, because when more senses are involved, there would be more learning”.

The variety of teaching aids produced and displayed by the students including human-diorama presentations not only showcased their creativity and ingenuity but also their desire to harness their capabilities as aspiring teachers.

Dr. Eduardo T. Borja, a noted educator himself, who is handling the Educational Technology classes, challenged his students by saying, “Go into the world of learners as an effective audio-visual aid”. He also said that the activity shall become an annual undertaking of the School of Education.