SAS: Excellence

Twelve (12) new faculty members were hired to ensure quality and excellence in the academic development of students. Joining the group are the DWCL’s own graduates – MR. JIFFORD ROSQUETA (AB-Political Science) and MS. KRISTINE MAE AGSALDA (AB-Legal Management).
[template x=”/2014/07/baltazar-r.jpg” y= “Baltazar, Ruschelle Anne T.” z = “Language and Communication Faculty”] [template x=”/2014/07/cacayorin-g.jpg” y= “Cacayorin, Gibryl Brin B.” z = “Math Faculty”] [template x=”/2014/07/dacuycuy-r.jpg” y= “Dacuycuy, Ron Jerome P.” z = “Social Science Faculty”] [template x=”/2014/07/felicilda-p.jpg” y= “Felicelda, Princess Joy G.” z = “Math Faculty”] [template x=”/2014/07/gaudia-r.jpg” y= “Gaudia, Rhosebe Joy R.” z = “Math Faculty”] [template x=”/2014/07/jaramillo-j.jpg” y= “Jaramillo, Jerico V.” z = “Language and Communication Faculty”] [template x=”/2014/07/martinez-m.jpg” y= “Martinez, Myla Fei Q.” z = “Math Faculty”] [template x=”/2014/07/morales-r.jpg” y= “Morales, Rosalyn R.” z = “Language and Communication Faculty”] [template x=”/2014/07/simon-c.jpg” y= “Simon, Christian A.” z = “Language and Communication Faculty”] [template x=”/2014/07/soneja-r.jpg” y= “Soneja, Rubelyn P.” z = “Math Faculty”]

Welcome to the family. Together, Let us work work hand in hand towards ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE.