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  • About the Grade School

    HistoryVision & MissionObjectivesPolicies

    February 1945, Rev. Fr. Alphonse M. Mildner, SVD, upon the advice of the Father Provincial, Rev, Fr. Herman Kondring, SVD proceeded to Laoag, Ilocos Norte to see the possibility of establishing a Catholic School. This was in response to the persistent invitation of Rev. Msgr. Ignacio Cordero the parish priest of St. William’s Parish at that time. Within the few months’ stay of Fr. Alphonse Mildner, SVD, he observed the urgent need to separate and accommodate the growing number of high school male students of the then Holy Ghost Academy. Likewise, he felt the pressing necessity to accommodate graduating students who were unable to pursue college studies in Manila due to financial reasons. In view of these observations, Fr. Alphonse Mildner, SVD, immediately recommended to hi superiors the establishment of a school not just a boy’s high school as formerly contemplated, but also a college.

    The school formally opened in July 1946. three months after, the first issue of the school’s official organ, the “Guide” now the “Williamite” was published.

    The SVD day of 1948 was highlighted with the grand inauguration and blessing of the imposing three storey Building with an auditorium known as Mildner Hall. The college hymn “Pride of the North” composed by Jose L. Pedro was sung for the first time during the SVD day celebration. The same year, the school seal was adopted incorporating the motto “Deo et Patrie”. Logo was created by architect George Manligas, Sr.

    Cognizant of the increasing student population during the50’s and 60’s, the SVD decided to construct the new building on a sprawling eight hectare of land. This edifice was named K building in honor of Fr. Ernest Keilen, SVD.

    It was on October 1964 when the school changed its name from St William’s College to Divine Word College of Laoag in order to achieve uniformity with the other SVD run schools. It was in that same year that the school established a guidance office. The school continuously expanded its physical facilities as evidenced by the construction of the Arnoldous Building, the K building Annex, a new college canteen, and conversion of the old Mildner Building into a ladies dormitory which was later turned over the Diocese of Laoag.

    The grade school finally ended its journey in search for a permanent home on January 1983, when Arnoldous Building opened its doors.

    With Very Rev. Herman Kondring , SVD as president and Very Rev. Alphonse M. Mildner, SVD as the Director of the Colege, Mr. Pedro Ronduen, Head, Normal Department, became the first principal of then St. William’s Elementary School in 1947-1949.

    Ms. Lucia Felipe, then a critic teacher of Grade VI, succeeded Mr. Ronduen when the latter became a Superintendent. Felipe’s term of six years ended in 1955 as she became the Dean of College of Education of the DWCL. Dr. Lorenza S. Matias, who was concurrently supervisor of student teaching , served as principal in 1958, after Mrs. Ignacia caridad. Then she left for Laoag Central School in 1964.

    Sister Rita Paul, SSPS, became the principal in the year 1964-1966.

    Another SSPS sister, Sister Carmencita, took the place of Sister Rita Paul when she was assigned to another place. Sister Carmencita was principal for three 3 years from 1966-1969.

    In 1969, the year the school transferred to the new site, Mr. Ruben Labayog Ragudo became the principal. In 1979 after serving as principal of the elementary department, he was appointed principal of the high school department. Mrs. Rosario Reyes Guiang became principal of the elementary department from 1979 to 1995.


    We, members of the Divine Word College of Laoag, a Catholic Institution, envision ourselves to be a truly educative and evangelizing community able face life’s challenges with dignity and actively participating in the upliftment of life.


    As members of the Divine Word College of Laoag (DWCL) community, we commit ourselves to practice justice peace, truth and lone in:

    • developing intellectual expertise for God and country
    • nurturing a scholarly attitude towards research: and
    • instilling the spirit of meaningful community involvement with preferential option for the poor in order to improve the quality of life and realize the full potential of every member


    The members of the Divine Word College of Laoag are our assets. Our community is built on dynamic and professional foundation that value:

    • spirituality
    • integrity
    • honest and hardworking
    • individual excellence and expertise
    • teamwork
    • innovativeness
    • social responsibility


    I am a Divinian, molded into the highest ideals of service, peace, justice, truth and love.

    I believe that I belong to Divine Word College of Laoag, a Catholic Institution dedicated to the formation of the youth.

    I stand strong and committed to be loyal to the motto: “Deo et Patriae” (for God and Country)

    I pledge to become an agent of evangelization. I profess my Catholic faith at all times and in all places.

    I will uphold its good name and preserve its integrity. I will uphold the core values of spirituality, integrity, honest and hard work, individual excellence and expertise, teamwork innovativeness and social responsibility.

    I am a Divinian. I am proud that I am.


    Article III, Sec. 21 of the Education Act of 1892 states the objectives of elementary education. These are to:

    • provide the knowledge and develop the foundation skills, attitudes and values essential to personal development and necessary for giving in and contributing to a developing and changing social milieu:
    • provide learning experiences which increase the child’s awareness of and responsiveness to the changes in and just demands of society: and to prepare him for constructive and effective involvement;
    • promote and intensify the child’s knowledge of identification with, and love for the nation and the people to which he belongs; and
    • promote work experiences which develop the child’s orientation to the world of work and creativity and prepare himself to engage in honest and gainful work.


    The Grade School department aims to develop the pupil’s moral character, personal discipline, civic conscience and vocational efficiency. Toward this end, it seeks:

    • to inculcate the pupils love of God and country;
    • to teach the pupils how to live a moral life guided by faith in God and love for fellowmen;
    • to foster among the pupils love of arts and sciences, and
    • to promote in them the ability to act rationally, to express their thought clearly and to read and listen with understanding.


    Admission Policies and Requirements

    1. The Divine Word College of Laoag Grade School admits all boys and girls regardless of nationality or religious affiliation.
    2. The school however, reserves the right at any time to refuse admission of pupils under certain conditions, as enrolment in DWCL Grade School is a privilege
    3. Transferees are given probationary period.(enrollment is temporary). He is warned three times (3x) on the basis of misconduct/misbehavior. An agreement is made between the school & his parents. Requirement for enrollment: Certificate of Good Moral Character
    4. . New enrollees from foreign institutions should hand over their academic record duly evaluated by the Department of Education.

    Enrollment Procedure

    Step 1. Submit application requirements to the enrolling teacher/s

    • Grade I
      Report Card (Form 138)
      Original copy of Birth certificate issued by NSO
      2 copies of latest 2×2 picture with name tag
    • Grade II-VI
      Report Card (From 138)
      Photocopy of Baptismal Certificate
    • Transferees
      Report Card (Form 138)
      Certification of Good Moral Character
  • Edna R. Cabillo, MAEd
    Principal, School of Basic Education-Elementary
  • Faculty

    Antonio, Angelyn C.Brebonia, Julie A.Calumpit, Reiner Jan H.Eustaquio, Cristina F.Galam, Cristine M.Jamias, Karen Mercedita P.Javier, John Philip G.Juan, Lucia M.Nicolas, Marlene T.Valdez, Joyce N.
    Angelyn C. Antonio
    Kindergarten and Nursery Teacher
    Julie Brebonia
    Grade 5-St. Clare Teacher
    Reiner Jan H. Calumpit
    Grade 4-St. Regina Teacher/CPCom Adviser
    Cristina F. Eustaquio
    Grade 1-St. Paul Teacher
    Cristine M. Galam
    Grade 2-St. Cecilia Teacher

    Karen Mercedita P. Jamias
    Supreme Pupil Government Adviser

    John Philip G. Javier
    Computer Teacher

    Lucia M. Juan
    Grade 6-St. Anne Teacher/CPCom Adviser

    Marlne T. Nicolas
    Grade 4-St. Augustine Teacher

    Joyce N. Valdez
    Grade 3-St. Lorenzo Teacher


    Myra B. Calipjo


    Mary Ann G. Magtoto
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