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School of Nursing, Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology

  • School of Nursing


    1. To develop competent, effective and globally competitive nurses.
    2. To emphasize and provide extension services relevant to community health needs.
    3. To undergo researches on relevant nursing areas and further suggest improvement on the quality of nursing education and training.
    4. To facilitate and serve as a linkage and part of other health agencies in the implementation of health programs.
    5. To provide critical thinking and a sound, general and professional foundation for the practice of nursing.


    1. To prepare students become professionally specialized in the various areas of health care: promotion and maintenance of wellness, restoration of health, diseases prevention and alleviation of suffering.
    2. To provide a broad research-based, multidisciplinary curriculum which caters to the increasing demand for relevant total health care services especially for the improvement of quality nursing education and its practice.
    3. To develop skills and competencies necessary in providing appropriate and high quality nursing care for people regardless of belief, color, culture and nationality.
    4. To serve as a network and partner of the health-related thrust of the government and health-affiliated institutes in providing nursing care needs of individual, family, group, community and society.
    5. To instill values geared towards enabling the nursing students acquire clearer perspective of the uniqueness of human behavior enhancing the ethical care service coupled with a personal touch.

    School of Engineering and Architecture

    sea_logo BRIEF HISTORY

    The School of Engineering and Architecture (SEA) traces its beginnings in 1986 when the Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering Program was opened under the College of Arts and Sciences. This was during the presidency of Rev. Fr. Bel San Luis and Engr. Amorfino Gatchalian taught all the engineering math classes still held at the High School Building. The extension of the K-Building was still under construction at that time.

    Two years later, Engr. Jaime Cendana was hired as Officer-in-charge of the Engineering Department. Engineers Efren Remigio and Charito Julian joined them later. Engr. Diosdado N. Corpuz replaced Engr. Cendana when the latter resigned in _____.

    The first batch of Civil Engineering was graduated in 1991 and the milestone was doubly special because Edwin Orines a member of the batch placed 15th in the CE Board Exams, a feat only to be duplicated six years later by Rodel Cabuyadao who landed 12th in the same exams. This was the same year the Program was granted Government Recognition.

    More important than the individual honors however, was the recognition as the third best Civil Engineering School nationwide in 1992 by virtue of the excellent performance of its graduates in the board exams. The same honor was garnered when 10 out of 11 graduates passed the exams in 1998.

    The year 1994 was another milestone when the ladderized BS in Architecture program was first offered. The growth continued in 2002 when the BS in Electrical, Electronics and Communications and Computer Engineering Courses were opened.


    To promote teachers oriented with Christian principles and human rights concepts for general services of the community with spiritual and moral values as a foundation.

    The School of Architecture and Engineering seeks to form architects and engineers distinguished by their dedication to high ethical and moral standards, unswerving commitment to academic excellence and sound patriotism and social commitment. Specifically, it seeks:

    1. To train the students to become skillful and competent in the technical aspects of architecture and engineering;
    2. To enable students to acquire knowledge and appreciation of the architecture and engineering concepts and principles and their relative functions, and learn to apply those concepts, theories and principles in solving practical and technological problems;
    3. To help the students acquire a dynamic experience in creative engineering and architecture procedures and techniques geared towards the development of self technology; and
    4. To produce Christian graduates who are alert to the problems of the times and who can and are willing to contribute to the country’s development .particularly in the area of research and development.

    School of Information Technology


    The School of Information Technology mission is to provide competent instruction geared towards the development of competitive Information Technology (IT) professionals equipped with skills and strong moral values, thus becoming the preferred source of services and manpower in IT.

    Philosophy and Specific Objectives

    In keeping with the philosophy of the institution, the School of Information Technology (SIT) is fully cognizant of its responsibility to continually respond to the changing needs of society, especially in the field of Computing Science. The School is aware that today’s technology resolves around the indispensability of the computer in the fields of computations, filling system, desktop publishing, graphics, multimedia, networking and the like. The present courses offered by the School are geared towards bolstering computer literacy, a vital role it plays in the community.

    To fulfill these, the school shall strive to:

    • Imbue professionalism in the field of computing science among the students for them to able to analyze, design and develop computer systems application likewise adapt these technologies to the environment.
    • Upgrade periodically the institution’s course offerings focusing on innovative tools, current trends, and industry requirements.
    • Prepare the student to apply his acquired academic skills to his related profession with commitment and dedication.
    • Excel in the use of Information Technology (IT) facilities, their development and implementation, including evaluation and maintenance.
    • Become the institution’s number one provider of Information Technology tools to promote people productivity at a lower cost.
    • Assist the student in developing himself into a progressive and productive Christian individual aware of maintaining harmonious relations with people in business, society and the public as a whole.
    • Specifically, students by the time they graduate are envisioned:
    1. To have developed themselves into a socially oriented and progressive Christian individuals aware of maintaining harmonious relations with people in business society and the public;
    2. To have undergone training and analytical processes;
    3. To have acquired technical skills and technologies in creating new ones to met business and needs; and
    4. To become experts in appropriate concepts and principles of information technology.

  • Egdonna A. Quinto, Ed.D
    Dean, School of Nursing, Engineering, Architecture, and Information Technology/Program Head, Nursing
  • Melita A. Castillo, MPH
    Nutrition and Dietetics
    Arch. Bernardo P. Alcantara Jr.
    Engineering and Architecture
    Rev. Fr. Teodisio F. Saluba, SVD
    nformation Technology
  • Annalyn S. Bugaoisan
  • Nursing and Dietetics


    Engineering and Architecture


    Information Technology

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