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About the Office of Student Affairs

Vision/MissionFunctions & Services


A strong arm of the school’s teaching ministry that provides a holistic development of the students through pro-active co-curricular programs, activities and services that promote Christian values and dynamism, necessary for students to face life’s challenges with dignity.


The Student Affairs Office is committed to support and complement the academic programs through provisions of pro-active student services, pro-active co-curricular programs and pro-active activities.

In consideration of the school’s Vision – Mission, the Student Affairs Office aims:

  1. To develop from among the students pro-active leaders whose leaderships are reflective of JUSTICE, TRUTH, PEACE & LOVE.
  2. To continuously update the students with the trends of developments enabling to be effective agents of change and development.
  3. To afford various activities for students to develop their appreciation of art and culture.
  4. To promote projects and activities among the organizations that will put into application learned theories in the academic subjects.
  5. To provide SPS program that is responsive to the needs of the students.
  6. To mediate for an on behalf of the students and in bringing to the administration’s attention or students attention concerns that redound to the improvement of student services.
  7. To put policies and procedures of student concerns in place to be assured of prompt and efficient student service.
    To encourage self-directed, self initiated discipline among students.
  8. To let students be aware of their rights as well as their obligations in the academic community.
  9. To observe at all time due process in handling cases that call for disciplinary sanctions.

Functions and Services

  • Takes charge of the general welfare of the students.
  • Establishes the image of the mediator that acts as channel of communication between the students, the administrators, faculty members and parents.
  • Spearheads the maintenance of peace and order and directly coordinates with the security force for security and safety of the administration, faculty, personnel, students, and visitors of the school.
  • Accredits organizations that train/encourage salutary and creative leadership.
  • Coordinates participation of students in local, regional and national student organizations, and activities recognized and approved by the administration.
  • Undertakes the proper/full implementation of the Code of Discipline as provided by the Commission on Higher Education  and the Divine Word College of Laoag.
  • Facilitates and screens printed announcements concerning students, e.g. poster and updates bulletin boards.
  • Supervision and coordination of all Student in-campus and off-campus co-curricular activities in accordance with the guidelines and policies mandated by the school.
  • Coordinates and monitors scholarship programs.

Other services

  • Issuance of School ID (students and employees college wide)
  • Issuance of Gate Pass
  • Issuance of School Annual (Logos)
  • Issuance of Activity Card
  • Issuance of Good Moral Character
  • Lost but Found
  • Recommends Student Loan (PGMA-HELP)
  • Complaint and Grievance
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