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75th Founding Anniversary Logo

The 75th Founding Anniversary Logo of the Divine Word College of Laoag (DWCL) was conceptualized with the official seal (embedded on number 5) of the school as its main reference. Hence, some of the figures were taken from the said material: burning torch, the open book, the Laoag bell tower with its cross, year 1946 and the colors red, white, yellow and blue. This is so to uphold the identity and the ideals which the school has carried for the past 75 years, 1946-2021.

To honor the founder of the school, Rev. Fr. Alphonse Mildner, SVD, we have incorporated his picture in the bold letter d which stands for the name of the school and the Divine Word Missionaries who run it.

The open book symbolizes our root, our foundation, the Divine Word who is God, the creative Word that God has spoken from the beginning. The Divine Word has gifted us with a life of 75 years (number 75).

From the Word comes the Light, symbolized by the burning torch, that dispels the darkness of ignorance and sin, both obstacles to the attainment of knowledge and values. The same Light has illumined DWCL’s path, for 75 years, to become truly an educative and evangelizing community.

At its 75th anniversary, DWCL celebrates also the gift of joyful faith, symbolized by the Laoag bell tower with the cross, that it has received from faithful missionaries. It is this same faith that the school has committed itself to faithfully proclaim. This is its tribute to the Diocese of Laoag and to the universal Church as we celebrate 500 years of Christianity in the Philippines this year 2021. DWCL continues to live because of God’s faithfulness, hence, DWCL shall forever be faithfully Pro Deo.

DWCL is also Pro Patriae – for the service of our country. This is symbolized by the colors red, white, yellow and blue from the Philippine flag. At its 75th Anniversary celebrations we continue to uphold the values and traditions of our nation.

Divine Word. His mission is our mission. Our name is our mission. The Divine Word has been faithful to us. We remain faithful to him. We are grateful to God. We celebrate 75 years of Faithfulness to Mission! MABUHAY DIVINE WORD COLLEGE OF LAOAG!

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