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    An ARTS and SCIENCES education opens portals to the entire world – and we can take you everywhere. An ARTS and SCIENCES education makes us THINK. It lets us DO. Only the human experience it embraces matches the breadth of opportunities it yields. The School of Arts and Sciences make up the academic core of the college.


    The mission of ARTS AND SCIENCES is to provide rich learning environments that deepen understanding of and nurture creativity in visual and performing arts. The school celebrates and learns from diversity and values individual differences. Through its teaching, research, and outreach programs, the school inspires to build on its history as a vital force for change and innovation in and through arts.

    Philosophy and Specific Objectives

    The School of Arts and Sciences seeks to form the socially conscious student who is a concerned Christian, a critical thinker, an effective communicator, and cultured individual. Specifically, it seeks:

    1. to enable students to acquire a broad, liberal education in the humanities and sciences, and to develop professional competence in their chosen field of specialization;
    2. to develop in the students the basic skills for effective communication;
    3. to train students to investigate and analyze problems intelligently, and present result and ideas based on solid data and study;
      • to enhance the students’ sensitivity in the appreciation of what is true, good, and beautiful; and
      • to form students who are imbued with moral, social, and spiritual values that shape their vision as a member of the family, the church, and the community.
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