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  • About the School of Secondary Education



    We, members of the Divine Word College of Laoag, a Catholic institution, envision ourselves to be a truly educative and evangelizing community able to face life’s challenges with dignity and actively participating in the upliftment of life.


    As members of the Divine Word College of Laoag (DWCL) community, we commit ourselves to practice justice, peace, truth and love in:

    developing intellectual expertise for God and country;

    nurturing a scholarly attitude towards research; and

    instilling the spirit of meaningful community involvement with preferential option for the poor in order to improve the quality of life and realize the full potential of every member.


    The members of the Divine Word College of Laoag are our greatest assets. Our community is built on a dynamic and professional foundation that values:

    • spirituality
    • integrity
    • honesty and hard work
    • individual excellence and expertise
    • teamwork
    • innovativeness
    • social responsibility


    The Divine Word College of Laoag – High School accepts as its basic purpose the formation of the whole man and the true Christian with special concern for the poor.

    Towards this end, it endeavors:

    • To produce young men and women who are capable of providing constructive leadership in the religious, cultural, social, educational, economic and scientific life in the community.
    • To develop students proud of their Filipino heritage and culture; and
    • To train students to be conscious of their responsibility and commitment to the community.
  • Glorietta B. Sabas, Ed.D
    Principal, School of Basic Education-High School
  • Joselito M. Custodio
    Prefect of Discipline, School of Basic Education
  • Ma. Carmela N. Labuguen
    Guidance Counselor
  • Junior High School Advisers

    Delos Santos, Kenneth C.Valdez, Mark Joseph V.Bumagat, Mark Joseph A.Portela, Holysmaynelle D.Menor, Rose Marie A.Tapia, Lorevic T.Claro, Emelyn B.Salvareta, Kendy T.
    Kenneth C. Delos Santos
    Adviser, 7-Honesty
    Mark Joseph V. Valdez
    Adviser, 7-Peace
    Mark Joseph A. Bumagat
    Adviser, 8-Truth
    Holysmaynelle D. Portela
    Adviser, 8-Love
    Rose Marie A. Menor
    Adviser, 9-Hope
    Lorevic T. Tapia
    Adviser, 9-Hope
    Emelyn B. Claro
    Adviser, 10-Wisdom
    Kendy T. Salvatera
    Adviser, 10-Knowledge

    Senior High School Advisers

    Agbayani, Byron Jiel B.Diamsin, April RoseDomingo, Cris Louie M..Inton, Lorie Jane G.Pascua, Renile JaneSoh, Shereen B.Agbayani, Jaypee PJ V.Dumbrique, Mary Joy C.Martin, Kristina O.Monte, Omega John A.Ruiz, Leosito N.Santos, Kyla Camille Hermana T.
    Byron Jiel B. Agbayani
    Adviser, 11-Diligence
    April Rose Diamsin
    Adviser, 11-Charity
    Cris Louie M. Domingo
    Adviser, 11-Fidelity
    Lorie Jane G. Inton
    Adviser, 11-Patience
    Renile Jane Pascua
    Adviser, 11-Courage
    Shereen B. Soh
    Adviser, 11-Joy
    Jaypee “PJ” V. Agbayani
    Adviser, 12-Excellence
    Mary Joy C. Dumbrique
    Adviser, 12-Gratitude
    Kristina O. Martin
    Adviser, 12-Integrity
    Omega John A. Monte
    Adviser, 12-Compassion
    Leosito N.Ruiz
    Adviser, 12-Generosity
    Kyla Camille Hermana T. Santos
    Adviser, 12-Authenticity


    Manglal-lan, Zcarina Mae G.Morillo Kelly Jane S.Pascua Jr. Felix B.Pe Benito John John R.
    Kyla Camille Hermana T. Santos
    English/Personality Development Teacher
    Kelly Jane S. Morillo
    Araling Panlipunan Teacher
    Felix B. Pascua Jr.
    Religion Teacher
    John John R. Pe Benito
    Philosophy Teacher


    Chan, John C.Bucacao, Rhea Mae R.
    John C. Chan
    Administrative Staff
    Rhea Mae R. Bucacao
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