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Academic Council

[template x=”/2015/10/Bitancor-Romana.jpg” y= “Prof. Romana L. Bitancor” z = “Vice President for Academic Affairs”] [template x=”/2015/10/Foronda-Sylvia.jpg” y= “Dr. Sylvia Lalaine Grace L. Foronda” z = “Dean, Graduate School”] [template x=”/2015/10/SabasGlorietta.jpg” y= “Dr. Glorietta B. Sabas” z = “Dean, School of Education”] [template x=”/2015/10/Macaspac-Libertine.jpg” y= “Dr. Libertine R. Macaspac” z = “Dean, School of Arts and Sciences”]
[template x=”/2015/10/Ranay-Frelyn.jpg” y= “Dr. Frelyn B. Ranay” z = “Dean, School of Business and Accountancy”] [template x=”/2015/10/Cabang-Aida.jpg” y= “Arch. Aida V. Cabang” z = “OIC, School of Engineering and Architecture”] [template x=”/2015/10/Carlos-Imelda.jpg” y= “Prof. Imelda R. Carlos” z = “Dean, School of Nursing”] [template x=”/2015/10/Lojero-Jannibal.jpg” y= “Prof. Jannibal A. Lojero” z = “OIC, School of Information Technology”] [template x=”/2015/10/Billaco-Nonita.jpg” y= “Prof. Nonita A. Billaco” z = “Director, Learning Resource Center”] [template x=”/2015/10/Lazaro-Janette.jpg” y= “Prof. Janette R. Lazaro” z = “Registrar”] [template x=”/2015/10/Catbagan-Nimfa.jpg” y= “Prof. Nimfa C. Catbagan” z = “Director for Research and Accreditation Center “]