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SAO holds leadership training for student organization officers and seminar for advisors

In preparation for more engaging student activities this school year, the SAO (Student Affairs Office) through the Director for student Affairs Prof. Jose Valiente A. Ballesteros gave  the officers of the College Student Council, all presidents and vice-presidents of all major,  minor student organizations, special priveleged students, editor-in-chief and associate editor of the school paper,  a two-day leadership training  with Dr. Madeline T. Fernando and Prof. Michael B. Madamba , college professors of the School of Arts, Sciences and Education, as trainors. The trainors made their lectures on Qualities of Good Student Leaders, Responsibilities of a Student Leader, Leadership Styles, and the Need for Student Leaders and  Trainings very comprehensive and  interesting that they were able to elicit active and animated participation of the student leaders.

Congratulations to the Student Leaders!

VPEA Bitancor speaks before Student Organization Advisors

Complementing the training of the student Leaders was   a one-day seminar of student organization advisors dubbed “The Advisor’s Leap for Gen Z Campus Events” It was day to lay the springboard for the advisors to execute their given roles,  to reinvent the niche of the  student organizations, and to actualize the roles of the advisors through the crafting of an advisor’s action plan for the year.  These objectives were expectedly met through the lectures and interactive discussions of the following  subject matters delivered  by VPEA Romana Bitancor, the resource speaker:

Brief review of the process of student organization advising, Deeper understanding of the role of an advisor, The activities of student organizations, Basic ways to realize these activities, The ABC’s  of  advising,  Ways to level up  advising skills, The trends and issues in student organization advising, Getting to know better the generation of the main characters of student organizations,  the Gen Z. Concluding the  day was the advisors ’manifestation of commitment to faithfully and whole heartedly serve as Advisors by way of the pledge they have made as they were officially installed.