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About the Registrar


The REGISTRAR’S OFFICE is the repository of student records and it is the mission of the Registrar and his staff to:

  • keep safe the records;
  • maintain their integrity and confidentiality, and
  • facilitate their issuance in accordance with law and regulations set by the school.


Students who enroll in college are screened for proper entrance credentials:

  • The High School report card (form 138) for new 1st year students, and
  • Transfer Credential (formerly called the Honorable Dismissal) which include a copy of grades, for transferees, including graduates who enroll for another course.
  • Birth certificates and certificates of good moral character are also required for enrolment for all students.

Records Management

Records of students are compiled from enrollment up to graduation or transfer to another school.

Entrance credentials, official transcripts of records, grades per semester and other pertinent documents are kept for ready reference.

N.B. Records of students from 1946 to the present are intact on file.

Graduation and Honors

The office makes the final evaluation of students upon application for graduation and determines who are qualified to graduate.
Honor students are determined every semester (Dean’s Listers), and upon graduation.

Issuance of Records

The office issues requested school documents like Official Transcripts of Records, Diplomas, and Certifications pertinent to school academic records.

A duly notarized affidavit is needed for a second copy of diploma, and a written authorization must be presented if the claimant of a requested document is not the owner.

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