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The DWCL Community Development and Extension Center, a co-agent of evangelization and co-participant in forming community of enlightened and functionally literate persons to be able to face life’s challenges with economic sufficiency and with dignity.


The DWCL Community Development and Extension Center endeavors to attain its vision by sustaining a productive environment conducive to socio-economic advancement, with its constituents imbued with Christian values and work ethics. It aims to:

  1. Foster Christian values among the children and youth in frontier education, build a cohesive, organized and empowered community with dignity, and gain access and make optimum use of productive resources for decent standard of living.
  2. Equip the marginalized constituents of the community with non-traditional education that would help uplift their distressed economic condition.


(Rangtay ti Namnama Program)

Bridging Hope Through Faith and Action


DWCL Community Service: Bridging Hope Through Faith and Action

The Divine Word College of Laoag is a catalyst for the highest educational goals of social transformation and total human development. Through the Community Development and Extension Center (CDEC), DWCL promotes civic participation of its members by combining academic learning and community service.
The spirit of Christian service of Divine Word College of Laoag are captured in its mission which states that “As members of the Divine Word College of Laoag community, we commit ourselves to practice justice, peace, truth and love in instilling the spirit of meaningful community involvement with preferential option for the poor in order to improve the quality of life and realize the full potential of every member.” The mission of Divinian education is ultimately concern on the transformation of the person, the community and the environment.
Divine Word College of Laoag expresses its desire of extending its services to contribute to the formation and growth of communities. Barangays – which are known to be the frontline of development within the city or municipality, become the critical areas for change. Thus, the partnership of DWCL to its adopted communities hopes to contribute to the national program of the government on sustainable development.


The community development program for 2010-2013 is dubbed as Bridge Hope Program (Rangtay ti Namnama Program).


Ultimately, the Divine Word College of Laoag as an advocate of community development primarily aims to act as the bridge in realizing the ‘hopes’ of the people particularly in the adopted community.

In performing its role as the bridge or ‘rangtay’ in Iloco, the Bridge Hope Program 2010-2013 program intends to achieve the following objectives in its various segments.
1. The servicing of people in need in order for them to grow self-sufficient and productive members of the society.
3. The building of a truly Catholic community among the target clientele.
4. The encouragement and promotion of communal participation in the College and in the community.
5. The eventual transformation of community residents into leaders in the community.


In the realization of the program objectives leading to a holistic community development, the HOPE project areas shall be operationalized:

HOPE Project Areas

Health and Environment
Organization and Empowerment
Pastoral and Spiritual Formation
Education and Training

Health and Environment. This area entails the promotion of primary healthcare including first aid administration, nutrition, sanitation, disease prevention and management, and family planning using natural method. Being concerned on the present status of the environment, this area also covers projects which aim to promote the protection and care of the environment in the communities leading to a balanced ecosystem for a sustained improvement of the quality of life. The activities include:

1. Operation Timbang
2. Feeding Program
3. Medical and Dental Mission/Handog Medikal
4. Health and Sanitation Monitoring
5. Seminars Health and Nutrition
6. Seminars on Environmental Protection and Management
7. Home-Urban Gardening
8. Clean Drive
9. Earth Day, Environment Month, and Earth Hour Activities

Organization and Empowerment. The Divine Word College of Laoag, in her desire to build community awareness and involvement and to commit to her vision of molding her students to become builders of Christian communities has established linkage with various communities in organizing and empowering people at the community level. Extension projects of DWCL are Christ-centered and family-focused. On a whole, all projects are people development oriented through Christian living and family solidarity. Organizing for empowerment is an essential tool in the delivery of outreach services which include networking with various organizations like GO’s, NGO’s, church-based organizations, PO’s, and other groups. This area is concerned on the organizations of core groups among the members of the school community and the adopted barangays. Client partners are made to realize that they are important elements of the society and that success and failure of the community in which they live depends on them. The strategies include the following:

1. Linkage Building
2. Networking
3. Organization of Core Groups

Pastoral and Spiritual Formation. As Witnesses to the Divine Word, spiritual formation is one of the key projects being extended to outside community. Pastoral development is a way of revitalizing the community spirit necessary in building partnership for development. Through spiritual formation, the adopted community is molded to an atmosphere that can develop support to community activities with high regard to the dignity of man, leadership, sincerity, commitment to purpose, openness to change and development and the value of service. The following are the activities:

1. Recollections
2. Home Visitations
3. Retreats
4. Catechism for Children
5. Family Catechism
6. Sacramental Services
7. For a on Juvenile Problems and Moral Issues
8. Parenting Seminars

Education and Training. For a more realistic improved quality of life vis-a-vis capacity building, community residents are educated and trained to empower them as socially responsive members of the community. This project promotes basic literacy programs, informal education, and other livelihood skills trainings and seminars. This area encompasses a combination of formal and non-formal education. The livelihood projects which are in support to the national development goals promote employment and income-generating small-scale enterprises including marketing and management. Projects under the education and training further aims to develop the behavioral changes brought about by the acquisition of knowledge, skills and values which will facilitate the upliftment of living condition.

1. Enrichment Class/Tutorial (BEC subjects)
2. Alternative Learning Strategy (ALS)
3. Computer Literacy
4. Livelihood Trainings

Other Projects Rendered (Outside HOPE Program)

1. Sports Clinic
2. Legal Clinic
3. Handog Pamasko
4. Lingap Kapatid (Relief Operation)
5. Alalay Kita Project (Suportang Pang-Agrikultura)(Seminars on Farm Technologies)
6. Consultancy and Advisory Services

Adopted Community: Barangay Cataban, Laoag City
(Source: PRA 2005)

Barangay Cataban, a rural barangay in Laoag City is the pilot area of the BRIDGE HOPE PROGRAM of Divine Word College of Laoag for school year 2010-2013.

The Community and Community Residents. Barangay Cataban is inhabited by a total of 593 residents composed of 129 households. Age distribution among the residents is as follows: 119 (20%), age bracket 0-10; 75 (13%), 11-17; 138 (23%), 18-30; 89 (15%), 31-40; 72 (12%), 41-50; 50 (8%), 51-60; 24 (3%), 61-70; 15 (3%), 71-80; and 11 (2%), 81-90. Gender distribution is slightly dominated by females who number 314 (53%) while males are 279 (47%). Majority (321 or 54%) of Cataban residents are single. The married comprise a relatively large group (251 or 42%) and 21 (4%) are widowed. Almost all (585 or 99%) reside permanently in Cataban. The other 8 (1%) have temporary residency. Majority of residents (193 or 32%) finished high school; 171 (29%), college graduates; and 166 (28), elementary graduates. Relatively few (54 (9%) reached only pre-school and only nine (2%) finished graduate studies.

Religion, Church and Family Planning. Roman Catholics (94%) comprise majority of Cataban residents. The remaining six percent constitute other Christian sects, namely Iglesia Filipina Independiente (6), Iglesia Ni Cristo (3), Born Again (6) and Jehovah’s Witnesses (18). Majority of Cataban residents (44%) are aware of weekly religious services offered in their locality; eight (7%) know of twice a week while 30 (25%) know of once a month conduct of services; and only 29 (24%) claim other scheduling else. Majority (48%) of residents always attend religious services while another relatively large group (50 or 39%), on the contrary seldom attend; 14 (11%) participate on special occasions while only two 92%) do not attend at all. Most (89%) support the Church through Sunday collections. Others help through tithes and in some other ways. Majority (53%) of couples in Cataban use natural family planning methods while others use artificial ones. There were also 33 percent who do use any method at all. Majority (57%) of them claimed that there is a need to use family planning methods. To enhance their integral formation, Cataban residents expect the Church to give them varied formation such as seminar on responsible parenthood, regular bible sharing, counseling and catechisms. They also wish to be visited regularly by their Parish Priest. The residents hope the Church provides affordable rates of baptismal, wedding and funeral services. They also wish for regular Sunday masses hand in hand with the promotion of better attendance in religious services. They also expressed their desire to construct a nearer chapel. Aside from the mentioned spiritual matters, the residents also wish the Church could render them material assistance such as financial help to indigents, sharing of donations to the poor and aids during calamities. The residents also expect the Church to create more job opportunities and to render monetary assistance to poor but deserving students.

Culture. Most (82%) of Cataban residents maintain a balance between old and new ways of life style; 17 (13%) stick to predominant customs while six (5%) go along modern style. Majority (64%) of the residents intermarried within the locality’ 17 (13%) are migrants from other provinces while 30 (23%) composed both of migrants and those who intermarried within the locality.

Economic and Biophysical Features. Only 127 (21%) of the residents are employed while 466 (79%) are unemployed. Equally largest in percentage (42% each) have income which is below Php 5, 000.00 and Php-5001-Php 10000, respectively. Those who have higher income are few. Ten (8%0 receive Php 10001-Pho 15000; seven (6%) receive Php 150001-Php 20000 while two (2%) gain above Php 20000. There were 31 percent of the residents who rely on farming as source of income; 26 percent rely on their salaries/wages; 11 percent from business; and 13 percent, aids form families abroad. Most of Cataban residents own their residential lands; eight are tenants; while only seven rent. Among those who farm in Cataban, 49 percent own their agricultural lands, 33 percent, tenants; and 18 percent, rent. In terms of commercial land, majority (66%) own their lands; 17 percent, rent; and 17 percent, is a tenant. All (100%) households in the barangay use water sealed toil
ets and use deep well as source of water – both drinking and household use.

Residents’ Suggestions on Economic Concerns. The residents expressed their desire to avail of more job opportunities; they also mentioned the possibility of giving jobs to disabled in their locality. To augment and enhance their existing means of livelihood, the residents expressed their need of better fishing equipment; they also wish to have creditors for their fishing enterprise. They also aired out their need of water pumps for their farm.

Problems and Causes of Problems Encountered. Among certain problems, majority of Cataban residents consider alcoholism as dominant followed by family disputes, gambling while none mentioned drug abuse as a problem in the locality. On the other hand, majority of the residents consider drugs and alcohol as main causes while relatively many of them point to lack of work or poverty.

Residents’ Suggestions for the Improvement of the Barangay. For a better barangay, Cataban residents suggested the inculcation of unity and cooperation among them. Peace and order as well as sanitation were mentioned as a problem in Cataban. For health concerns, Cataban residents mentioned their need of readily available and affordable medicines as well as the construction of a health center in the locality. They also expressed their desire to avail of medical missions. For the welfare of the community, the residents suggested the construction of concrete roads, street lights and irrigations. They also aired out the need for additional passenger jeepneys. They also wish to carry out projects such as tree planting, clean and green and oplan dalus and promotion of sports as well as acquisition of sports equipment. Among personal and family needs, mostly identified are family relationships followed by housing, employment and financial assistance.

Other Adopted Communities

Community involvement is a venue for dynamic participation and interaction of the various departments in the outside community. This community involvement and participation is always maintained and upheld by various departments in the College in reference to the mission-vision of the Divine Word College of Laoag. The mounting problems and difficulties being experienced by local communities make it imperative for DWCL to extend its services to other communities aside from its pilot barangay.

[template x=”/2014/06/cavinta-m.jpg” y= “Prof. Myrna Cavinta” z =”Director”] [template x=”/2014/06/juan-l.jpg” y= “Ms. Lucia M. Juan” z =”BE Grades School Extension Coordinator”] [template x=”/2014/06/co-t.jpg” y= “Mrs. Teresa Co” z =”HS Extension Coordinator”] [template x=”/2014/06/lucas-m.jpg” y= “Prof. Maynard O. Lucas” z =”SBA Extension Coordinator”] [template x=”/2014/06/macatumbas-b.jpg” y= “Ms. Bibeth Macatumbas” z =”SBA Extension Coordinator”] [template x=”/2014/06/gatchalian-a.jpg” y= “Engr. Amorfino Gatchalian” z =”SEA Extension Coordinator”] [template x=”/2014/06/bonilla-m.jpg” y= “Ms. Marilou Bonilla” z =”SN Extension Coordinator”] [template x=”/2014/06/locsin-m.jpg” y= “Mrs. Mary Ann Locsin” z =”SAS Extension Coordinator”] [template x=”/2014/06/ruiz-e.jpg” y= “Prof. Elizabeth T. Ruiz” z =”SE Extension Coordinator”] [template x=”/2014/06/fabro-r.jpg” y= “Mr. Regie Boy Fabro” z =”SIT Extension Coordinator”] [template x=”/2014/06/belisario-f.jpg” y= “Prof. Febe Belisario” z =”NAP Extension Coordinator”] [template x=”/2014/06/pellogo-r.jpg” y= “Prof. Resita Pellogo” z =”NAP Extension Coordinator”]

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