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The Learning Resource Center is envisioned to serve as an instrument in the academic growth and development and evangelization of the whole community by providing both print and non-print materials to foster exploration and learning.


The Learning Resource Center aims to continually enrich the print and non-print collection to provide excellent and efficient information service in fostering the community’s learning and research.

In line with the vision and mission of the LRC, is intended that the collection of print and non-print materials meet the educational, information, civic cultural as well as recreational needs of each users for all levels of educational achievement. The staff, in coordination with the academe and in consultation with the various standards for libraries and higher education institution, identifies needs and interest and adds appropriate materials except for unusually expensive materials and highly specialized items for which there are limited interest.

The priority of the collection is on filling the cotemporary needs rather than the building historical and rare book collections, except for the acquisition of materials of both past and current significance primarily to the Ilocos Region to fulfill the needs for the Ilocaniana collection and to the Philippines to fulfill the Filipiniana collection.

The fundamental responsibility of the staff is on the maintenance of the collection. The staff continuously evaluates materials and replaces or repairs worn out or damaged materials and withdraws item no longer current or in demand.

General Policies

The Divine Word College of Laoag Learning Resource Center (DWCL-LRC) as one of the instructional support units, facilitates the integration of print information resources, non-print materials and services to support the vision and mission of the college and the different levels of need of the patrons like leisure, academic and research.

Proper Conduct in the Library

  1. Students are required to ne in their proper uniform/wear decent clothes and wear their school ID upon entering the Learning Resource Center.
  2. Students should respect the rights of other library users and LRC staff. The principle first come first served is always observed.
  3. Students must be responsible in taking care of their personal belongings while in the Learning Resource Center. The LRC is not responsible of any loss within the premise.
  4. Eating and drinking are prohibited inside the library.
  5. Defacing library materials (marking, underlining, tearing pages, etc) is strictly prohibited.

Library Identification Card

  1. Each student is issued a library card which is used when borrowing a book or any other library material.
  2. Any student found to be using another student’s library card shall be subjected to disciplinary action through the Office of the Student Affairs.
  3. A lost card shall be reported immediately to the library staff and a replacement fee of php10.00 shall be charged.

Loan Periods/Fines

  1. The general reference materials (encyclopedias, dictionaries, almanacs, atlases, gazetteers, handbooks and manuals, etc ) are for in-library use only.
  2. The reserve books (books and other information sources placed on reserve by the faculty member teaching the subject for the shared use of the students) are loaned out by the hour (maximum of 2 books in various disciplines). These are loaned out at 4:00PM but should be returned at 9:00AM the following day. In case these books are not returned on the due date specified, a penalty of php2.00/hour is imposed including Saturdays, Sundays and non-class days. For the graduate school students, books are loaned for one (1) week and similar computation of charges is imposed.
  3. The general circulation books are loaned out anytime of the day for one (1) week (maximum of 3 books with various disciplines). A penalty of php 20.00 per day is charged in computing fines per overdue books. For the graduate school students, books are loaned our for two (2) weeks and same computation of charges is imposed.
  4. Special materials (journals, periodicals and newspapers) are for in-library use only.
  5. Dissertations, theses and researches are strictly for in-library use only. Photocopying of these materials is strictly prohibited.

Lost Material

  1. A lost material shall be reported immediately to the Learning Resource Center.
  2. A lost material shall be replaced by the borrower. In case the material is unavailable, the LRC Director may recommend a replacement.
  3. A processing fee of php50.00 is charged to cover the expenses incurred in processing the material.

Loan Periods for the Faculty Members

  1. The reserve books are loaned out for one (1) week (maximum of 5 books in various disciplines). In case these books are not returned on the due date specified, a penalty of php2.00 per hour is imposed including Saturdays, Sundays and non-class days.
  2. The general circulation books are loaned out anytime of the day for (2) weeks (maximum of 5 books in various disciplines). A penalty of php20.00 per day is charged in computing fines for overdue books.

Additional Services of the Learning Resource Center

Internet Section

The discussion room is solely intended for research and group discussion. Students who wish to use the Discussion Room are subjected to the following regulations:

  1. Each student is allowed a maximum of one hour to use the library internet.
  2. Computer units shall be used exclusively for academic researches. Hence, chatting playing of online games and browsing of web other than educational sites are prohibited.
  3. Only one person is allowed to use each terminal at one time..

Discussion Room

The discussion room is solely intended for research and group discussion. Students who wish to use the Discussion Room are subjected to the following regulations:

  1. The use of the Discussion Room is free for enrolled college/post graduate students and faculty members.
  2. Making excessive noise, talking loudly, using phones or related audio equipment that may disturb library users are strictly prohibited.
  3. The library does not assume responsibility for damage or loss of personal property during the use of the Discussion Room.
  4. Eating and drinking are strictly prohibited.
  5. Failure to comply with the policies will be grounds for suspension of discussion room privileges.

Use of the Facilities in the Library

All bonafide students and employees of the Divine Word College of Laoag are entitled to the services as well as to all available facilities of the LRC such as books, periodicals, and other special materials, internet connection, electronic equipment and the like. Outside users can make use of the Learning Resource Center provided they have a letter of introduction or request from their school librarian. They are charged P20.00.

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