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The Learning Resource Center is envisioned to serve as an instrument in the academic growth and development and evangelization of the whole community by providing both print and non-print materials to foster exploration and learning.


The Learning Resource Center aims to continually enrich the print and non-print collection to provide excellent and efficient information service in fostering the community’s learning and research.

In line with the vision and mission of the LRC, is intended that the collection of print and non-print materials meet the educational, information, civic cultural as well as recreational needs of each users for all levels of educational achievement. The staff, in coordination with the academe and in consultation with the various standards for libraries and higher education institution, identifies needs and interest and adds appropriate materials except for unusually expensive materials and highly specialized items for which there are limited interest.

The priority of the collection is on filling the cotemporary needs rather than the building historical and rare book collections, except for the acquisition of materials of both past and current significance primarily to the Ilocos Region to fulfill the needs for the Ilocaniana collection and to the Philippines to fulfill the Filipiniana collection.

The fundamental responsibility of the staff is on the maintenance of the collection. The staff continuously evaluates materials and replaces or repairs worn out or damaged materials and withdraws item no longer current or in demand.

Guidelines and Policies

The Divine Word College of Laoag Learning Resource Center (DWCL-LRC) as one of the instructional support units, facilitates the integration of print information resources and non print materials and services to support the vision and mission of the college and the different levels of need of the patrons like leisure, academic and research.

The DWCL-LRC as a system is composed of the Main Learning Resource Center; Grade School Reading Center and the Educational Media Center, which is composed of the Media Materials Services; Media Equipments and Facility Services, and the High School Audiovisual Room.

I. Units/Location/Service Hours

  1. Main Learning Resource Center is located in the 2nd floor of the Administration Building. It is open from 7:30-5:30, Monday to Friday and 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. during Saturdays.
  2. Grade School Reading Center is located in the Grade School Building.
  3. Educational Media Center.
    • Media Materials Services is located in the 2nd floor of the Administration building. It is open from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon and 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. from Monday to Friday.
    • Media Equipment and Facility Services is located in the 4th floor in the north wing of the K Building. It is open from Monday to Friday. Saturday service is also extended provided there is a letter of request approved by the Vice President for Academic Affairs.
    • High School Audiovisual Room is located in the 1st floor of the High School
      Building. It is open from 7:30 to 11:30 a.m. and 1:30-5:30 p.m.

II. Who can use?

  1. All bona fide students, faculty
  2. Outside users or visiting researchers with a letter of introduction from the librarian of the university/college they represent and payment of library fee equivalent to (P20) Twenty Pesos a day.

III. Courtesy in the Control Desk/Proper Conduct in the LRC

  1. The wearing of the College Uniform and the Student ID is to be observed even when in the premises.
  2. All borrowed materials are to be presented at the control desk for inspection before leaving the LRC. At the same time, show bags and things for inspections. Remember that the LRC is not responsible for personal belongings lost within the premises. Take care of your valuables.
  3. Return first overdue materials before borrowing other LRC materials.
  4. No renewal of borrowed materials shall be done without the physical presentations of the materials.
  5. Maintain silence.
  6. Eating and drinking is prohibited inside the library/discussion room.
  7. No theft or mutilation of materials.

IV. Borrower’s Card

  1. At the start of every semester, all students must secure a borrower’s card from the LRC. The borrower’s card is used in borrowing and returning information sources.
  2. The borrower’s card is not transferable.
  3. A lost card shall be reported immediately to the Library Personnel In Charge. A replacement fee of P10.00 shall be paid at the Reserve Section.

V. Overdue Fines

  1. General Circulation and Filipiniana Collection – P20.00/day.
  2. Reserve Books and Other Materials – P2.00/hr. – P20.00/day

VI. Loan Period

  1. General Reference Materials. These materials are for room use only.
  2. Reserve Materials -These materials can be borrowed for home reading. Overnight lending hour is 4:00 p.m.
  3. For Faculty Members: loan period of one (1) week.
    General Circulation (Computer Collection, Engineering Collection, Filipiniana/Ilocaniana and Local History Materials, High School Collection, Graduate School Collection – materials are loaned out for one week. For Faculty Members: loan period of two (2) weeks.
  4. Serials (journals, periodicals, and newspapers) are for room use only.
  5. Dissertations/Thesis/Researches are strictly for room use only. Photocopying of these materials is prohibited.

VII. Lost Materials

  1. A lost material shall be immediately reported to the LRC.
  2. It must be replaced with the same book and other information resources (title, author, and edition). But if the material is difficult to locate or out of print, similar book and information sources that treats the same topic may be considered to replace the lost materials.
  3. A processing fee of 30.00 is charged to cover the expenses incurred in processing of the material.

VIII. Services

1. Reader’s Services

  • Reference and Information Sources – Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Yearbooks, Almanac and Book of Facts, Gazetteers, Handbooks, Annuals….
  • General Circulation
  • Filipiniana, Ilocaniana and Local History Materials
  • Reserves are books and other information sources put on reserve by the faculty teaching the subject for the shared use of the students.
    • Other Collections
    • Computer
    • Engineering
    • Graduate School
    • Nursing
    • Hotel and Restaurant Manageme
  • Serials – Journal, periodicals, magazines, newspapers, newsletters, information files, pamphlets…

2. Technical Services includes selection, acquisition, cataloging, classification, and end processing of LRC materials.

3. Other Services – Referral Service, Inter-Library Loan Service, Photocopying Service, Bibliographic Service and Internet Service.

IV. Non Print Materials

1. Application

  • All application for the use of AV Software and Multi Media Equipment and Facilities shall made out in the EMC Form 1 which may be obtained from the Educational Media Center (EMC).
  • Application should be filed Three (3) days before the due of the proposed activity.
  • In case of student, students association or groups, the application should be countersigned by the faculty handling the subject, faculty adviser; recommended approval by the Dean/Principal/or Head; and must meet the requirements set forth by the College governing audiovisual activities.

2. Cancellation / postponement / alteration

  • Should the applicant cancel this application or otherwise alter either the purpose for which it is filled or any of the specifications, he shall do so not later than (2) days before the date of the proposed activity.
  • Notice of postponement, cancellation or alteration should be forwarded to the Educational Media Center (EMC).

3. Preliminary preparation

  • All software like CD’s, VHS tapes… and others can be borrowed from the Instructional Material, Librarian (located in front of the College Library) for preview in preparation for the classroom instruction.
  • All software like CD’s, VHS tapes, tapes…. And other instructional materials intended for classroom instruction should be submitted to the EMC for preliminary preparation.
  • Traditional media and new/newer media in different formats are available in the Media Materials Services (Library) and the Learning Resource Center (LRC). Media materials are available to support preliminary preparation for classroom instruction. The EMC personnel are readily available to assist in the Instructional Designing (ID) for each course and other preparations.

4. Adviser’s presence

The faculty member in charge, the adviser or person who acts as such shall be responsibly present in the premises throughout the activity.

5. Cost

Cost, if any, shall be charged against association/ group department/office/headed by, or subject to the jurisdiction of the authority recommending approval of the application.

6. Revocation of permit

The Educational Media Center ( EMC ) reserves the right to cancel/revoke a permit granted in case of misrepresentation and/or violation of any of the rules and regulations herein specified.

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