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    1. To develop competent, effective and globally competitive nurses.
    2. To emphasize and provide extension services relevant to community health needs.
    3. To undergo researches on relevant nursing areas and further suggest improvement on the quality of nursing education and training.
    4. To facilitate and serve as a linkage and part of other health agencies in the implementation of health programs.
    5. To provide critical thinking and a sound, general and professional foundation for the practice of nursing.


    1. To prepare students become professionally specialized in the various areas of health care: promotion and maintenance of wellness, restoration of health, diseases prevention and alleviation of suffering.
    2. To provide a broad research-based, multidisciplinary curriculum which caters to the increasing demand for relevant total health care services especially for the improvement of quality nursing education and its practice.
    3. To develop skills and competencies necessary in providing appropriate and high quality nursing care for people regardless of belief, color, culture and nationality.
    4. To serve as a network and partner of the health-related thrust of the government and health-affiliated institutes in providing nursing care needs of individual, family, group, community and society.
    5. To instill values geared towards enabling the nursing students acquire clearer perspective of the uniqueness of human behavior enhancing the ethical care service coupled with a personal touch.
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