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  • About the School of Business and Accountancy

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    We, the God-centered members of the Business Administration Program are committed toward academic excellence and productivity in the ultimate pursuit for a better quality of life.

    Mission and Objectives

    1. Acquaint its students with the major facets of business operations as applied within the context of the global, national and local economy
    2. Help students acquire the necessary tools and skills that will enable them to function as productive members of the business community
    3. Gain skills for self and corporate employment
    4. Equip the students with the basic analytical techniques for problem solving and ecision-making tasks within their specialized fields; and
    5. Instill in the students social awareness by imbuing them with the social responsibilities of the world of business and information technology



    We, the God-centered members of the Accountancy Program commit ourselves to prepare students for careers in Accountancy to make them ready to deal effectively with the challenges they will face as professional accountants and responsible citizens to be catalysts in the upliftment of the quality of life of the people as they will serve through justice, peace, honest and hardwork.

    Mission and Objectives

    1. Provide students with the knowledge, proficiency, and intellectual abilities to provide services of the scope and quality which the public needs and expects from the beginning professional accountants; and
    2. Grow and develop into fully qualified professional accountants who can relate well with their fellowmen and practice their profession in conformity with ethical standards in the spirit of true Christianity.


    Mission and Objectives

    The HRM & Tourism Courses seek to prepare students for careers in Hotel & Restaurant Management and Tourism, focusing in providing skills needed to face the challenges in their future workplace. In pursuit of this mission, the course seeks:

    1. To Provide the students with the knowledge and necessary information on the operations of the Hotel and Restaurant Industry; and
    2. To equip students with necessary skills and tools that will enable them to become globally competitive.


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