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About Research and Accreditation

The Research & Accreditation Center (RAC) is a service unit of the college directly under the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs. It is primarily tasked to coordinate research activities of the different units of the institution and to facilitate the implementation of the institution’s research development program, quality assurance and accreditation initiatives.

Vision, Mission & ObjectivesPrograms & ServicesResearch Agenda


The DWCL-RAC envisions itself as a multidisciplinary research center that focuses on the development and advancement of the research culture in the academe towards optimum delivery of services to the students and the community which it serves.


A dynamic research center of a Catholic higher education institution promoting a culture of research among the faculty, staff and students by enhancing their competency in conducting studies and in applying and disseminating information and findings for the benefit of its constituency and the community.


The DWCL Research and Accreditation Center aims to achieve the following:
Awareness and recognition of the importance of research in the improvement of instruction by the faculty.
Active involvement of the faculty members in the research program of the college.
Effective dissemination and utilization of all research outputs of the different units.
The research outputs of the center are used as basis or inputs to planning by the school administration and on instruction by faculty members.

1. Research Development Program

The Research Development Program and the Faculty Supplemental Research Assistance Program provide faculty members and staff with research assistance. The program enables faculty members to obtain funds for their research or instructional material development projects and at the same time be compensated in terms of Teaching Load Incentive (TLI) equivalent to twelve (12) units academic load for one semester. Research projects may be basic or applied while materials development may take the form of developing or evaluating textbooks and instructional materials.

2. Research Dissemination

DWCL-RAC serves as a clearinghouse of research-related information and disseminates
salient findings of completed researches. The center spearheads the holding of research forum and capability building seminar-workshop, which is held at least, once a year. The activities are participated by faculty researchers, graduate and undergraduate students of the college. The center is also responsible for publishing the DWCL Research Journal, and the evaluation and management of the school’s website content

3. Research Consultancy

The center provides consultancy to faculty researchers, graduate and undergraduate students in their research undertakings. All technical assistance such data analysis and interpretation as well as manuscript editing during the formulation and conduct of researches is extended by the center.

4. Institutional Planning, Policy Formulation and Implementation

The RAC assists in the planning, formulation, review and amendment of guidelines and policies relative to the governance and management of the school. .
Operation and Management
The Research and Accreditation Center Director is appointed by the Board of Trustees and reports directly to the Vice President for Academic Affairs. To ensure effective implementation of the center’s research and accreditation programs and activities , the following sub-committees are created:

  • PAASCU Area Committees
  • Research Council
  • Research Committee

Research Agenda 2007-2010

Priority Research Area: Program Relevance and Responsiveness

  1. Employability of Graduates of the DWCL Collegiate Programs
  2. Student Satisfaction Surveys
  3. Enrollment Analysis/Instructional Space Utilization

Other Areas

  1. Evaluation of institutional community development and extension projects
  2. Cost Benefit Analysis on the Various Programs of the College
  3. Acceptability of the Ladderized Programs
  4. Outreach Area Baseline Studies and Profiling
  5. Assessment of the Community Development and Extension Programs
  6. Instructional Materials Development
  7. Responsiveness of the Institutional Pastoral Program

Research Thrusts: Areas of Concern

The DWCL research agenda revolves around ten thematic areas which constitute the different facets of the school’s Institutional Development Plan:

  • Program Development
  • Faculty and Personnel Development
  • Instruction
  • Library
  • Community Involvement
  • Physical Plant Development
  • Administration
  • Financial Management
  • Pastoral Program
  • Research Development

Priority research programs with their corresponding specific research topics are identified under each theme. Needs and demands for research are broad and diverse but institutions of higher learning such as Divine Word College of Laoag must be able to establish a research niche in specific priority areas drawn from the above-mentioned themes which are the same areas embodied in the school’s vision, mission, goals and objectives.

However, it must be emphasized that this set of research agenda is not meant to be rigid but rather intended for continuous review, periodic evaluation and revision to keep attuned with developments in all sectors. Thus, the institution must constantly strive for relevance and timeliness in the researches it conducts. This research agenda primarily addresses the priority issues or concerns of the DWCL institutional development plan in particular and that of the National Higher Education Research Agenda in general.

Program Development

Improvement of existing curricular programs in terms of quality and responsiveness and to offer new programs consonant with the manpower needs of the local, regional, national and international communities.

Research Topics:

  • Survey on the Manpower Needs(Local, Regional, National)
  • Feasibility Studies on New Program
  • Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Assessment/Evaluation of the Relevance/Responsiveness of Existing Curricular Programs
  • Tracer Studies on the Institution’s Graduates
  • Study on Employability of Graduates

Faculty & Personnel Development

Upgrading faculty & personnel qualification with the requirements of a school of university status.

Research Topics:

  • Evaluation of the Faculty Development Program
  • Study on Work Values/Attitudes
  • Job Satisfaction/Performance Assessment
  • Disciplinal Researches(Diagnostic Studies/Validation)
  • Action Researchers


To re-engineer faculty performance for more effective instruction toward a globally competitive and locally responsive education.

Research Topics:

  • Assessment of Instructional Competencies of the Faculty
  • Correlates of Faculty Teaching Performance
  • Determination of Problems/Deficiencies/Needs
  • Use of Alternative Instructional Modalities
  • Determinants of Student Performance in Various Disciplines
  • Development & Validation of Instructional Materials


To provide excellent service to information seekers in the community through proper management of human, physical and fiscal resources and upgrading of the collection of print and non-print materials.

Research Topics:

  • Faculty & Student Library Usage Studies
  • Study on Library Resources Procurement
  • Problems/Difficulties in Library Utilization
  • Impact Studies: Athena; Internet Provisions
  • Status/Responsiveness of the LRC/ AVR Services
  • Reading Material Preferences

Community Involvement

To strengthen programs that will help uplift the dignity, human person’s body, soul and spirit through the creation of BEC, community development programs and other community services.

Research Topics:

  • Effectiveness of the Community Involvement Initiatives
  • Socio-Economic Impacts of the School Initiated
  • Community Projects
  • Community Surveys, Needs Assessment, Community
  • Profiling
  • Evaluation of Community Projects Undertaken
  • PRA: The DWCL Experience

Physical Development

To meet the infrastructure requirements of a school with university status.

Research Topics:

  • Feasibility/Project Studies on Infrastructure Development
  • Cost Benefit Analysis of the Physical Plant
  • Monitoring Systems and Procedures


To enable the institution to achieve and facilitate the attainment of its purposes and objectives through proper implementation of approved policies in the governance of the faculty, personnel and students.

Research Topics:

  • Student/Personnel Services
  • Assessment of Systems & Procedures
  • Management Styles of Administrators
  • Human Resource Management Studies
  • Student Satisfaction Survey
  • 5S Management
  • Organizational Climate

Financial Management

To establish financial stability and proper use/management of funds.

Research Topics:

  • Effectiveness of Financial Management Schemes Adopted by the School
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Analysis of Accounting Systems & Procedures
  • Developing an Effective Accounting System

Pastoral Program

To work for the evangelization of the whole community.

Research Topics:

  • Religious Instruction and Values Formation
  • Student/Faculty Involvement in the School Pastoral programs
  • Evaluation of the Campus Pastoral Program-all levels
  • The Non-Catholics (Faculty/Personnel & Students) in a Catholic Environment

Research Development

To encourage both teaching and non-teaching staff to undertake meritorious researches.

Research Topics:

  • Research Competencies of the Faculty and Personnel
  • Research Readiness of the Faculty
  • Evaluation of the Institutional Research Policies
  • Research Gaps
  • Research Capability Needs Assessment
  • Research Mapping – Graduate and Undergraduate

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