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“BAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE” is this year’s theme of the Bread and Pastry NC II Training held in May at the Divine Word College of Laoag Training and Assessment Center duly commissioned by the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) with 25 successful completers who represent various sectors of the community. Ms. Kathleen Kay C. Tomas, the trainer and part-time Faculty of the School of Business and Accountancy confidently recommended these completers as eligibles of the TESDA National Certificate II.  CONGRATULATIONS TO:  Gelienah Joy J. Aggasid, Karen C. Agngarayngay, Diane P. Agpaoa, Jeramae P. Agpaoa, Eden P. Albano, Heidelyn G. Ancheta, Laida M. Bagay, Norlynn O. Bayangos, Mark Kevin B. Borja, Judelyn M. Corbe, Arceli D. Cristobal, Mary Ann T. Declaro, Arlene B. Fonseca, Marriz Angel T. Gulla, Remalyn R. Macaburas, Maria Teresa V. Mamaclay, Frian Lou B. Pidong, Ditzler Austina A. Ralleca, Razell Rose G. Ramos, Maria Ana Georgina D. Reyes, Mary Lou A. Ruiz, Vanessa T. Sevilla, Franceska Jaya R. Vallan, Marissa E. Ventura, Teresita A. Wingco.