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    The School of Information Technology mission is to provide competent instruction geared towards the development of competitive Information Technology (IT) professionals equipped with skills and strong moral values, thus becoming the preferred source of services and manpower in IT.

    Philosophy and Specific Objectives

    In keeping with the philosophy of the institution, the School of Information Technology (SIT) is fully cognizant of its responsibility to continually respond to the changing needs of society, especially in the field of Computing Science. The School is aware that today’s technology resolves around the indispensability of the computer in the fields of computations, filling system, desktop publishing, graphics, multimedia, networking and the like. The present courses offered by the School are geared towards bolstering computer literacy, a vital role it plays in the community.

    To fulfil these, the school shall strive to:

    • Imbue professionalism in the field of computing science among the students for them to able to analyze, design and develop computer systems application likewise adapt these technologies to the environment.
    • Upgrade periodically the institution’s course offerings focusing on innovative tools, current trends, and industry requirements.
    • Prepare the student to apply his acquired academic skills to his related profession with commitment and dedication.
    • Excel in the use of Information Technology (IT) facilities, their development and implementation, including evaluation and maintenance.
    • Become the institution’s number one provider of Information Technology tools to promote people productivity at a lower cost.
    • Assist the student in developing himself into a progressive and productive Christian individual aware of maintaining harmonious relations with people in business, society and the public as a whole.
    • Specifically, students by the time they graduate are envisioned:
    1. To have developed themselves into a socially oriented and progressive Christian individuals aware of maintaining harmonious relations with people in business society and the public;
    2. To have undergone training and analytical processes;
    3. To have acquired technical skills and technologies in creating new ones to met business and needs; and
    4. To become experts in appropriate concepts and principles of information technology.

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