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A very memorable bonding cum team building day for the Basic Education Faculty, Administrative Staff and administrators! So special was the day to celebrate with the SBE Director, Rev. Fr. Denny D. Lucas, SVD on the occasion of his 67th birthday! More Blessed years ahead Fr. Denny! Happy Bithday! and Happy Birthday too to all the celebrants for the month.

Teams were named not just by the color assigned to the team but the names the teams wanted to be called. The RED as the RED BULL, Yellow as the VAMPIRES: KIAW DI UMAAWAY, the Blue Team as the BLUE DIAMOND, and the Green as the CAMP KAWAYAN. Truly, their team names were not just names. They all had a story to tell.

Do you know where you are all going? You need to conquer your team emblem, the flag, blindfolded! No matter what it takes, the spirit of all for one, one for all absolutely conquered all the hassles –intense heat from the sun and sand, pressure to find which way to take to be the first to grab the team flag that caused the abundant flow of sweat – sweltering but exciting.

An age- old game forming the longest line ever! Call it the unconditional letting go of everything you have no matter how painful/ shameful it may cause for the sake of the team to top it all…. From handkies, to shirts, to shoes, belts…. Anything and everything if only to connect the line.

Good old days remind us that dots are meant to be connected to form an image or a figure. How well could this be done with human connections, with varied shapes, sizes horizontally and vertically? No exemption allowed. Administrator, facilitators, you illustrate! And so it was done!

Auditions begun for the search for best actors and actresses. Day in and out they play their roles so well in the classrooms, corridors, meetings and many more. Emoticon as they put it, the picture is live with varied emotions to project. What emotions are expressed? Your guess is as good as mine.

Teachers are known to be very creative and so they deserve to bond through creative means. The Hula-hoop posed a challenge to everyone. The large ring plastic toy was not to be twirled by one but must be shared by all. Magical prowess does not have a place. It is simply one’s agility, and ability to device a technique for immediate sharing of the loop.

It is our turn to interpret the best nursery song ever! My toes, my knees, my shoulders, my head! It’s a race to grab the bacon for the team!
And the winner is…….. the Red Bull Team. Congratulations! The runners- up are the Blue Diamond Team, the Green Camp Kawayan and the yellow Vampires, Kiaw di Umaayaw. Prizes were awarded and claimed instantaneously!

The insights that were shared by each team every after an event, coupled with the digest made by the facilitators clearly reflected the Divinian Hallmarks embodied in the school’s Vision, Mission and Goals. The experiences were envisioned to strengthen and deepen the intrinsic values of a true Divinian. The Father President, Rev. Fr. Nerio Joseph A. Artienda, SVD reinforced the reflections by encouraging everyone to partake in fulfilling our education apostolate. “Masapul nga agtitimpoyog tayo”

Like a story that ends well… living happily ever after, the day ended so well with the Eucharistic Celebration. The birthday celebrant, Rev. Fr. Denny D. Lucas, SVD was the presider and homilist. “Amidst obstacles and difficulties in our personal as well as professional journeys, together we hurdle them all for the Divine Word is our Guide. We continue to make life brighter for our students, co- workers, administrators, parents, and all whom we come across to serve.”

Lowelyn Sales, Meynard Lucas, Romana Bitancor, Gladys Jean Basilio, Leilanie Jane Mateo, Nimfa Catbagan, Jon-Jon Mateo Reyes, and Alwyn Paulo Albano would like to call themselves the ARNULDO’S WARRIOIRS who worked backstage for this event. They look forward to bringing KIRED to other SVD schools in the North. Bookings are absolutely welcomed.

The cast is complete that made the event complete. The SBE made it to the Second Edition of Kired.

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