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    sea_logo BRIEF HISTORY

    The School of Engineering and Architecture (SEA) traces its beginnings in 1986 when the Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering Program was opened under the College of Arts and Sciences. This was during the presidency of Rev. Fr. Bel San Luis and Engr. Amorfino Gatchalian taught all the engineering math classes still held at the High School Building. The extension of the K-Building was still under construction at that time.

    Two years later, Engr. Jaime Cendana was hired as Officer-in-charge of the Engineering Department. Engineers Efren Remigio and Charito Julian joined them later. Engr. Diosdado N. Corpuz replaced Engr. Cendana when the latter resigned in _____.

    The first batch of Civil Engineering was graduated in 1991 and the milestone was doubly special because Edwin Orines a member of the batch placed 15th in the CE Board Exams, a feat only to be duplicated six years later by Rodel Cabuyadao who landed 12th in the same exams. This was the same year the Program was granted Government Recognition.

    More important than the individual honors however, was the recognition as the third best Civil Engineering School nationwide in 1992 by virtue of the excellent performance of its graduates in the board exams. The same honor was garnered when 10 out of 11 graduates passed the exams in 1998.

    The year 1994 was another milestone when the ladderized BS in Architecture program was first offered. The growth continued in 2002 when the BS in Electrical, Electronics and Communications and Computer Engineering Courses were opened.


    To promote teachers oriented with Christian principles and human rights concepts for general services of the community with spiritual and moral values as a foundation.

    The School of Architecture and Engineering seeks to form architects and engineers distinguished by their dedication to high ethical and moral standards, unswerving commitment to academic excellence and sound patriotism and social commitment. Specifically, it seeks:

    1. To train the students to become skillful and competent in the technical aspects of architecture and engineering;
    2. To enable students to acquire knowledge and appreciation of the architecture and engineering concepts and principles and their relative functions, and learn to apply those concepts, theories and principles in solving practical and technological problems;
    3. To help the students acquire a dynamic experience in creative engineering and architecture procedures and techniques geared towards the development of self technology; and
    4. To produce Christian graduates who are alert to the problems of the times and who can and are willing to contribute to the country’s development .particularly in the area of research and development.

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